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Here at American Threads, our goal is to run a one-to-one program: for every employee hired, we sponsor a child in need through Compassion International. This program's mission is to raise children out of poverty.  The children are provided with food, medical care, protection, and tools to succeed. Additionally, we are able to build relationships with the children by sending them letters, Christmas gifts, and more. 


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The health of each Compassion-registered child is monitored, and regular checkups are provided.

Children with health issues have access to medical programs and food. Program workers teach children about basic health, hygiene and nutrition principles that prevent diseases.


A key goal for sponsored children is to ensure they complete a basic formal primary education as defined in their local context. Subsequently, children participate in continued learning that is most appropriate for their desires and situation. These include formal secondary school, vocational school, apprenticeship or an income generating skill training.

Every child, aged 12 and older, also completes a life-planning document that helps him/her think ahead and identify individualized developmental needs and path.


Compassion’s child development centers are safe places where children can develop critical social skills in a protected environment.

Through teamwork, service activities, mentoring, sports competitions and youth camps, sponsored children are taught how to manage their emotions and communications, make wise choices about behavior, influence the behavior of others, and maintain good relationships.

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Want to sponsor a child through Compassion International?
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Want to make a bigger impact? Host an event. 

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No matter how big or small, all giving counts. Whether you're making someone smile, helping out a neighbor, or finding an organization to support that is close to your heart, there are endless ways to give. 

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