Mumu Lima Scrunch Top in Black Silky Satin

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Black Silky Satin is dark as night. She goes with any color, any season, and can be oh-so fancy if you wish. Black is always the new black, and you really can't go wrong. Black attack! 

Just another gorge off the shoulder long sleeve scrunch top. You’re gonna look amazing in it. It’s pretty impossible not to. Ya know, NBD. Just make sure you’re good at taking compliments, cuz you’re gonna be showered in them, especially if you pair her with a Siren Wrap. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with any high waisted MuMu Blue and Lima Scrunch with wedges. In love! 

*100% Poly
*Elastic Lining holds top in place
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended

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